All the Classes have come together in order to prove which among them is the best.


  • Class Heads shall select a number of representatives for each event.
  • Based on placings in events the classes get a score.
  • At the end the class with the highest overall score wins.


Team PrizesEdit

1st: 5000 CP Each, Can host the next Cardfight Olympic Games, Class wins Gold Emblem.

2nd: 2500 CP each, wins Silver emblem.

3rd: 1000 CP each , wins bronze emblem.

Individual PrizesEdit


Cardfight TriviaEdit

Participants will be asked questions about anything that has to do with Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Host: XrosHearts Participants: 1

Trial Deck FightEdit

Participants shall fight each other using Trial Decks.

Host: Participant: 2

Card CreationEdit

Participants shall create fanmade cards and have them judged on balance, creativity, and how compatable it is with other decks.


Participants: 1