The classes are rebelling against the order and peace of the academy. They all want to take over!

The Emerald Class believe the rest are inferior and should not have any power.

The Amethyst Class wants to spread chaos.

The Topaz Class wants peace, but is in the midsts of a civil war.

The Diamond Class wants control.

The Sapphire Class is in a civil war.

The Ruby class wants to expand its empire.

In response the headmaster has let the students fight this among themselves.


The Topaz Class has 6 Buildings, Ruby has 5, Diamond has 4, and the rest have 3.

To take a building you must declare war on another class. Both classes must choose a representative for the war. If any of the representatives lose their class loses the war and is forced to give up a building.

During a war any members of the classes and/or a max of 5 members from an allied class may attack a member of the opposing class, but in a best of 1 match the loser may not participate in the remainder of the current war. If a class loses all their buildings they can no longer participate. Classes can merge or disintigrate at any time but with the headmaster's approval first. If classes merge the buildings for both classes shall merge too. If classes disintrigrate then the buildings will be split based on the amount of members of the two new classes.

Losing classes can not declare war for 3 days. Winning classes can not declare war on a class they beat until 1 day after the war.

Building CountEdit

Classes Buildings
Topaz 5
Ruby 6
Diamond 4
Sapphire 4
Emerald 3
Amethyst 2



Amethyst, Ruby, and Emerald


Sapphire and Topaz


(10/3/13) The class wars have begun.

(10/3/13) Ruby and Emerald Classes have formed an alliance.

(10/4/13) Amethyst has joined the A.R.E. alliance.

(10/5/13) Ruby Class declares war on Diamond Class.

(10/5/13) Jyu wins war on Diamond for the Ruby Class.

(10/5/13) Ruby Class declares war on Topaz Class

(10/5/13) Jyu wins war on Topaz for the Ruby Class

(10/6/13) Sapphire and Topaz Classes have formed an alliance.

(10/6/13) Ruby Class has declared war on Sapphire Class.

(10/6/13) Amethyst has declared war on Diamond.

(10/7/13) Roxas wins war on Amethyst Class for the Diamond Class.

(10/7/13) Metrona wins war on Ruby for the Sapphire Class.

(10/9/13) Sapphire Class declared war on Amethyst Class

(10/10/13) Ruby Class has declared war on the Sapphire Class.