Welcome to Cardfight Academy! This page here are sets of instructions to get into the school and to start playing.


First to register you must message a class head or admin and challenge them to an Exam Fight, you pick the decks you shall use, and fight them. Then they shall tell you which classes you can enter. Out of the classes you can pick select one and go to the class'  page and request to join.

Student DataEdit

After you've joined a class please make a Data Page as a sub page to your userpage. Your Student Data page should have your Class, CP, AP, Wins, and Loss. Example: XrosHearts' Data

Building DecksEdit

After you join you shall recieve 3000 CP which shall be used as currency mainly to buy cards. Go to the Card Shop and request to buy Booster Packs, or Trial Decks. An admin shall message you the cards you have recieved. 

Ranks and CPEdit

You gain AP for winning fights and events. The AP is used to determine your ranking in the academy. Every month the ranks and AP are reset to get a fresh start. Every new month the top ranked players gain free items.

  •  #1 30 Free Booster Packs or 4 Trial Decks
  •  #2 20 Free Booster Packs or 2 Trial Decks
  •  #3 & #4 10 Free Booster Packs or 1 Trial Deck

You gain CP and AP by playing in fight and in events. You gain 5AP for a win and 1 AP for a loss. You gain50CP for a win and 10 CP for a loss. You also gain bonus CP if you meet the conditions for it:

  • Riding your avatar +20CP
  • Winning with your avatar +20CP
  • Activating trigger +20CP
  • Damage difference (You win 6-2 difference is 4) +50CP for every card
  • Miracle Heal Trigger -50CP
  • Activating more than 8 triggers -80CP
  • Declaring Final Turn +10CP (You may only declare final turn up to 2 times in a fight)
  • Achieving Final Turn +100CP
  • Failing Final Turn -100CP
  • Break Riding ONCE +20 CP
  • Cross Riding ONCE +20 CP

If your opponent gets disconnected you get 200 CP total iincluding the 50 from winning.

You can only get a minimum of 0CP and maximum equal to your opponent's grade times 100. In a Tag Team fight its the same system, you gain CP for what you do in fight, but the total of both partners is added and then both recieve that many CP, maximum is 600 CP. Winning team of a Tag fight gain 7 AP losing team gain 3 AP.

If your opponent is gradelocked, they have to show proof of this gradelock at the end of the fight, otherwise max is the standard 300 CP. If you were found to be deliberately being gradelocked, you get no CP from the fight.