So, ya want to find buried treasure? Ya wanna sail the seven seas? Ya want to pillage and loot? you wish to command an undead legion to destroy your enemies?

Either way, this is the page for the Granblue Class, a clan primarily known for its pirates and its undead warriors. My names Xeamnz, Im the captain of this ship. However, one little known fact about pirates is that their ships were actually often democratic in nature - the captain in most cases only had any authority during times of battle, outside of battle his authority was the same as any other crewman. When it comes to fights and to recruitment (pirates get most of their recruits off the battle field), I shall lead you for now, but for everything else, its up to a vote among members - what the majority of the crew say, we shall do as one. Also, should anyone else prove themselves more worthy then me to be captain....well, I will go into more detail on that later.


Challenge either a captain or a ranking member of the crew to a fight and gain their approval to become a member of the crew. There is only one rule for joining the class of Granblue.

1. There are no rules.

If you can figure out what that means, then you are worthy to be a member of this crew.

Also, when you join you will be assigned a ship - at the moment there is only one ship(Neptune's Madness), once we get more people a second captain will be named, and we can have more ships


There are only two rules for members of this class

1. Respect the crew.

2. Respect the ship (aka your deck and clan).

Crew of Neptune's Madness

  • Xeamnz (captain)
  • Ravenxyz (ABS)

Announcements from the Captain

Sometime soon I will post lessons for GB - they will be in a blog form.

I will also soon post a ranking system of sorts, you will see more details when i get that up.


9/20 - Xeamnz founded the ship, Neptune's Madness.

9/25 - Ravenxyz joined the crew of Neptune's Madness.