The Great Nature Class page.

Welcome to a world full of knowledge.

Great Nature Symbol
The book of animals starts to unfold before your eyes as you choice which one you want to learn more, tame it and join your souls with it.

The things you have to do in order to join are:

  1. Grab a Great Nature Trail Deck.
  2. Ask me for a Cardfight.
  3. Have a nice attitude.
  4. In order to pass the exam you have to use at least 3 times the following skill: Choose one of your 《Great Nature》 rear-guards, and that unit gets [Power] +4000 until end of turn, and at the beginning of the end phase of that turn, retire that unit.
  5. If you do you can attend Great Nature class and be proud member of it :D

I wish best of luck to every one who tries to join. And don't forget you can try more that once :D

  • Tank Mouse, Hula Hoop Capybara and Silver Wolf are waiting to play with you.
  • The calmness of a tiger is his weapon.
  • Protractor Peacock: "Guard with me, GUARD WITH MEEEE~"
  • The greatest teacher of all, Epitome of Knowledge, Silvest Ride!