Who will win?~

Welcome to the Great Nature Course! Here you will learn basics and strategies for Great Nature builds. All Emerald students on Great Nature Division MUST take this lesson but anyone can join if they want. Also you may need a Great Nature deck for futuring Cardfight Puzzles.

Teacher:Hunter E.T


Saturday 12/10/2013

1st Lesson: Today we will learn the history of Great Nature.

The Great Nature is a clan from the nation of Zoo. They appear to be all animals and are devoted to studying at the "Great Nature University", which is the highest educational institution on Planet Cray. They have the greatest intellect on the planet.

This clan mainly provide a Power boost (normally +4000 Power) and sometimes +1 Critical to other units in exchange for the unit being retired at the end of that turn. During the end phase of that turn, some units activate their abilities when are retired from the (RC), like search for copies of itself from the deck and draw more cards.

Also this clan has 64 different cards with different skills. These cards are have only 2 races.

Thats all for the 1st lesson~



Saturday 12/10/2013

1st Homework: This weeks homework will only be questions.

  1. Name the 2 Shared Races that Great Nature have and 1 unit for each.
  2. Name the Booster Sets that includes Great Nature and 2 cards from each Booster.
  3. Name 2 Great Nature builds (With different Starter and Avatar).

Maximum points given to this Homewok: 3/3

  • Intelligent Animals can teach you many things.
  • Lamp Camel: "Like a desert's Mystery"
  • The real Avatar of Chris.