Welcome all future servants of Void . Here we turn ordinary people into fabulous make-up users. We will cover how to effeciantly use Lock, cover Link Joker basics, and have side teachings of Reverse units. There will be no prerequisites  or entry testes for this class, but do expect homework to get quite dificult after awhile. In depth Class discrption will be posted within the class's first lesson. Class will begin Sunday, October 13th. The Ciruculum will conist of Clan Basics, Lock Basics, Deck building, and Ace Basics. Expect Lore to be in lessons, referancces to previous ones, and expect no specific order of the circulum. Register Below

Link to first class:

(NOTE: you can still sign up for the class, talk to me if you plan on entering past lesson 3(October 27th)


  • RoxasXsora(Teacher)
  • XrosHearts
  • Lyris1064
  • Turtlesaurus 
  • Aaronchaos23
  • DasheR