A full list of students at the academy

So, to sum up all the things about graduation:

  • Every three months, beginning in November, people will be able to challenge others during the last week of the month in order to graduate to the next level.
  • You get two chances to graduate. If you lose, it only subtracts if you were the challenger.
  • When you graduate, you receive one free card of choice.
  • During Graduation Week you pass pass a written test to take a graduaion fight.
  • For Graduation Fight you must challenge someone in your year or higher.

1st YearEdit

Name Gender Class
Lyris1064 Female Sapphire

Seal To End All



Charizard Male Diamond
49Evilswords Male Ruby
GavinoFree/TheOneNoOneLoved Male


2nd YearEdit

Name Gender Class
XrosHearts Male Ruby
Jyuasnteisn Male Ruby
Rageagumon Male Ruby
Hunter E.T Male Emerald
Xophix Male Amethyst
RoxasXsora Male Diamond
Misaka 10032 Female Topaz
Penguin90 Male Ruby
Metrona Male Sapphire
Xeamnz Male Sapphire
DasheR Male Diamond
Kerththanan Unknown Diamond
ZillaDragon Male Ruby
LegendCallerL Male Topaz
TurtleSaurus Hideyoshi Amethyst

Note: Graduating to a higher year earns you one free card.

Drop OutsEdit

A list of students who have dropped out of the Academy